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Magnification Benefits

The Unaided eye can see 200 microns

Microscope at 20X = 10 microns (Bacteria = 1 micron)


Dr Bob Winter, who teaches at Spear Education states: "Rather than what you think you see, magnification is the reality since you are seeing what actually exists."


Procedures Requiring Resolution Greater than the Unaided Eye

  • Crown Margin Finishing

  • Sealing Root Surfaces

  • Perio Primary Incisions

  • Perio Wound Closure

  • Canal Orifice Identification [Eg, Seeing and treating MB2]

  • Caries Removal

  • Perforation Repairs

  • Post Placement

  • Bone Grafting

  • Soft-Tissue Grafting

Stereoptic vision of Microscope eases eye strain.

Stereoptic vision of Microscope prevents the eyestrain that convergent vision of loupes requires.

Conclusion: Loupes are a small step toward magnification but they lack the ergonomic benefits and the power and accuracy of the Microscope.

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