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Dental Products Review - Seiler users

The DPR of the Seiler Microscope scored a 4.6 rating and achieved its "Best Product" Status. The users all had the XR6 - now followed by the Alpha Air series with the following improvements: Smaller light box, brighter light (150,000 lux), Greater maneuverability, Camera power adapter and USB port.

5 Reasons Why - Spear Education Faculty

Spear Education Faculty Member, Gregg Kinzer, D.D.S., M.S. authors "5 Reasons Why Dentists Should Be Using a Microscope." His claim that  Dental microscopes should be a standard in dentistry is backed by powerful reasoning.

For Every Dentist - Dentaltown

Though written in 2010, a comprehensive analysis by David Clark, DDS describes Why and How to transition to a microscope enhanced dentistry.

The Dental Microscope - the Book by Drs Rick Schmidt and Martin Boudro

The rousing Introduction: "We believe the dental operating microscope is, without a doubt, the single most significant acquisition to enhance an operator’s clinical skill set. The microscope leads to expanding interests, competence and confidence. The microscope is an excitement builder. In many cases, the dental operating microscope converts a semi-burned-out, mid-career dentist into a confident, enthusiastic operator who now feels "called" to his vocation. These experiences can radically transform the "back nine" years of a dental career. We believe the dental operating microscope has made the transition from “interesting possibility” to “dental necessity.” All dentists can do better work with the operating microscope. Margins that might inadvertently be left open can be closed. Cracks can be more accurately diagnosed, and treated. Caries that, in the past, needed to progress until seen with the naked eye can be treated earlier. Most dental needs can be treated more conservatively, with less loss of healthy tissue. Tissue coaptation is more perfectly accomplished leading to more rapid healing.

The ROI Discussion

Dr David Clark presents a compelling argument of the ROI of a dental microscope. He acknowledges that it was his passion for excellence that drove him to employ dental microscopes in his practice but upon further examination - there is no question of the financial returns received.

Testimonial - Dr Jay Shear, NJ

I now see the infinite details of my dentistry...

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