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Training Options

Various Options to become proficient:

1. Self-Trained

Many choose this option. It is similar to Loupe training - it takes some time to acclimate to the higher magnification.

The Book. We encourage learning from The Dental Microscope which is a 261 page book with training exercises and information on how to utilize microscopy in many different procedures.

2. Spear Education

Strong endorsements from the staff. The CEREC courses in the building show the value of smooth, glasslike margins leading to successful treatment

3. Baylor University

Once a year a special clinic is held on basic microscope training geared toward the Seiler microscopes

4. In-Office Training

Dr Rick Schmidt (co-author of The Dental Microscope will come to your office to teach the fundamentals of using the microscope. The cost: $1950 for 2-days plus travel expenses

The "Learning Curve"

You will find many posts on Dentaltown of enthused microscope users. Check out this link on Dentaltown for a reassuring post:


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