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Seiler Dental MicroScope


It should be called MYcroscope because this is something you do for yourself! Here is a sample of what users say...

“The microscope is an excitement builder. In many cases, the dental operating microscope converts a semi-burned out, mid-career dentist into a confident, enthusiastic operator who now feels “called” to his vocation.” –Rick Schmidt, DDS

“There was not the usual back or neck tension I usually had at day’s end. – John J Stropko, DDS.

“Seiler microscopes provide the best bang for the buck! They produce a high quality product that fully meets our needs without wasting money on sizzle not backed by superior substance. My philosophy is to employ logical, well thought out, products that improve our final results without spending one more penny than is necessary.” ~ Barry Musikant, DDS — New York, NY

“This level of magnification allows me to perform to a higher standard,” a dentist from Tucson, AZ, said when asked why he purchased the [Seiler] Evolution XR6. “The reward for me is an enhanced enjoyment of dentistry,” Jay Citrin, DDS, Tucson, AZ

“All my restorative and crown work is better, I can diagnose cracks and decay better, and it keeps me from inadvertently making mistakes.” Craig Kohler, DDS, Wilmette, IL

“When a dentist can see better, dental treatment is easier to deliver. The XR6, a six stage microscope, will open possibilities that you have never seen before. I have used a microscope for over 15 years on every procedure I do. I would never go back to loops again!” - Craig Kohler, DDS MBD MAGD Wilmette, IL

“My Seiler microscope, in combination with the different levels of magnification, has allowed me to consistently perform the type of restorative dentistry that I can be proud of.”  Jay Sher, DDS, Livingston, NJ

A Patient’s Perspective: "If something were to happen to Dr. Clark, or if he should retire, I would never seek care from a dentist who did not use a microscope. It is impossible to receive the level of care that I have come to expect without it."

Featuring the SEILER Microscope

Seiler Alpha Air Dental Microscope

Your Practice will never be the same - once you begin using the Alpha Air Scope from Seiler.

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